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Improving Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

Mar 11, 2019 | Indoor Air Quality

Fan running in a Wichita, KS home, improving the home's indoor air quality.

When we think of pollution, or air quality, we usually think of the outdoor air, right? But what about indoor air? We spend most of our time indoors.

The best thing that you can to improve your home’s indoor air quality is vigilance. Is the air in your home circulating properly? Are your ducts clean? Do you have a clean air filter in your HVAC system? Are your vents and registers clean and clear? If anyone in your family has any respiratory issues, like asthma, then it’s even more important. Even if you are not sensitive, why risk being exposed to possible pollutants. It’s your home. Take pride in it.

Don’t Smoke Indoors

Seriously, don’t smoke indoors. Don’t smoke at all. But if you must, at least do it outside. Cracking a window doesn’t help. If you smell smoke in your home, that’s not good at all. The smoke smell will permeate every pore in your home and linger. Worse than the smell are the thousands of chemicals that are known to cause serious health problems. Even if YOU don’t smoke, allowing smoking in your home puts your family’s health at risk. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) studied and concluded that exposure to secondhand smoke causes cancer1. If you do smoke, and you decide to stop smoking in your own home, that might be the first step you take on the road to quitting smoking.

Turn The Fan On

The bathroom and the kitchen are two areas in the home where moisture can accumulate. If you have an exhaust fan in your shower, use it. Same as over your stove. Excessive moisture in the home is bad. It promotes the growth of mold and mildew. The moisture has to go somewhere—send it outside. Keeping your home’s humidity in check will positively affect your indoor air quality, so 

keep it clean as best as you can.

Keep Your Home Clean

This suggestion requires elbow grease. Floors take up a lot of surface area in your home. Fortunately they are easy to reach. Sweep, dust, vacuum, mop, repeat. Vacuum all of your carpeted areas, including the stairs. Use Door mats inside and out. Be sure to vacuum your indoor door mats. A Vacuum cleaner with disposable bags generally filters better than vacuums cleaners with built in filters. If your vacuum cleaner does have built in filters, check them. Replace them as needed. Is dust accumulating everywhere? Use a duster. Minimize clutter where dust can gather. Make your home clean up friendly by making it easier for you to clean up your home. Spring clean year round. Your body will thank you.

Final Thoughts

Don’t forget to check your furnace filter. Replace it as needed, probably once a month. Make sure your vents and registers are clean and clear and have proper ventilation. Be vigilant. You should be comfortable in your home. Do what you can to keep your home clean and your family healthy. Call Welch’s Heating & Air at 316-733-1600 for help in improving your Wichita home’s indoor air quality today!

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